On February 20, 2012 thousands of parents, community members, educators, union workers, patients, students, grandparents, great-grandparents, families, and friends stood together in a truly inspiring day!

As people share their memories and observations about a HUGE, productive, spirited Day of Action you can get some of the scope and feeling of the day by checking out the photos, videos, and observations posted on Facebook by Our Oregon, Oregon Education Association, and our page: facebook.com/StrongSchools

What We Believe
– Strong schools support strong families, communities, and a stronger Oregon
– Funding our schools is the right thing to do for our students and Oregon’s future
– Investing in public schools is Oregon’s way out of this economic crisis

What Oregon Leaders Need to Know
– Rebuild the dream for Oregon’s students.
Invest in Oregon’s public schools today to improve the future of all Oregonians.

– Listen to educators, students, and parents. Before making policy decisions that affect our schools, engage the people directly involved in the lives of students every day.

– Schools are not factories. Our students have diverse backgrounds and come to school with a variety of needs and experiences. They all learn differently and their successes cannot be measured by test scores alone.

Wear Red for Public Ed!

Questions? Post them on facebook.com/strongschools!

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